Shakespeare Gala / Washington DC

This past Sunday the KISSETTE team submerged themselves in an evening of culture, class and fun (all three!). Our good friend and culture ambassador Svetlana Legetic at, mirrors all things charming in her follow-up of the night below...

"Shakespeare Theatre Company held their annual performance and gala this Sunday. The event was themed Gala Shakespearissimo and featured performances from Shakespeare's Italy set plays, as well as performances from ballets, operas and other stagings inspired by those plays. The slightly-rained on crowd enjoyed and evening's worth of aaaahs and oooohs presided over by René Auberjonois (who starred in STC's "Imaginary Invalid last year). Performers included the inimitable miss Paloma Herrera, The Juilliard Jazz Artist Diploma Ensemble performing a very special rendition of "I feel pretty", Rebecca Luker, F. Murray Abraham doing a very ominous Merchant of Venice and Frederica von Stade, on her farewell tour.

The performance part of the evening concluded with the lovely Annette Bening being awarded the William Shakespeare award for Classical Theatre ...continue"



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